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Snaking through the park (and providing access to most of the trailheads) is the stunningly scenic Sognefjellet Rd (Rv55), billed as 'the road over the roof of Norway'. Put simply, it's one of Norway's most beautiful drives.

It connects Lustrafjorden with Lom and was constructed in 1939 by unemployed youths. It rises to a height of 1434m, making it the highest mountain road in northern Europe. It has been chosen as one of Norway's 18 'National Tourist Routes'; visit for more information about the road.

Access from the southwest is via the multiple hairpin bends climbing up beyond the tree line to Turtagrø, with a stirring view of the Skagastølstindane mountains on your right. If you're coming from Lom, the ascent is more gradual, following beautiful Bøverdalen , the valley of the Bøvra River, with its lakes, glacial rivers, grass-roofed huts and patches of pine forest. The road summit on Sognefjell offers superb views.

The snow sometimes doesn't melt until early July, although the road is usually open from May to September. The road can get very narrow and snow is often piled metres high on either side of the road. Ample camping and other accommodation options line the road.

Although this road is mainly traversed by motorised transport, the Sognefjellet Rd also has legendary status among cyclists and frequently appears on lists of the world's most spectacular cycle routes. It's a serious undertaking that requires high levels of fitness and perfect brakes.

From mid-June to late August, two daily buses run between Lom and Sogndal (Nkr255, 3½ hours) via Sognefjellet Rd.