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Bergen & the Southwestern Fjords

Introducing Bergen & the Southwestern Fjords

This spectacular region will dazzle your eyeballs with truly indescribable scenery. We’ll make a go at it here, but bear in mind that all our superlatives and gushings are actually just understatements. Hardanger­fjord, Sognefjord and Geirangerfjord are all variants on the same theme: steep crystalline rock walls dropping with sublime force straight into the sea, often decorated with waterfalls and small farms harmoniously blending into the natural landscape. Summer hiking opportunities exist along the fjord walls and on the enormous Jostedalsbreen glacier. Bergen, a lively city with a 15th-century waterfront, is exceedingly pleasing to behold, and contains some of Norway’s finest nightlife and restaurants.

Information on the entire region is available from Fjord Norge (55 30 26 40; www.fjordnorway.com).