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Getting there & away



A ferry (328 2233) goes between Charlie Dock and Tinian (US$15; from Tinian Wednesday to Friday, Sunday and Monday 8am and 1pm, Tuesday and Saturday 1am, 8am and 1pm; from Saipan Wednesday to Friday, Sunday and Monday 9.30am and 5pm, Tuesday and Saturday 3.30am, 9.30am, and 5pm).

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Freedom Air (Saipan 234 8328, 288 5882, Rota 532 3800, Tinian 433 3288; www.freedom-air.net) Daily flights from Saipan to Rota (one way/return adult US$80/150, child US$72/135); Saipan to Tinian (one way/return adult US$32/64, child US$27/54); Tinian to Rota (one way/return adult US$85/161, child US$74/144).

Pacific Island Aviation (Saipan 234 3601, Rota 532 0420, Tinian 433 3600)

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