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Getting there & away

SNTV (Ave des Banques) serves Niamey (CFA12, 650, 12 hours, daily), Agadez (CFA7700, 7½ hours, Monday and Thursday) and Nguigmi (CFA7900, 10 hours, Monday and Friday) via Diffa (CFA6200, seven hours). EHGM, found north of Auberge Mourna, also serves Niamey, Agadez and Diffa. Aïr Transport (Blvd de l’Hippodrome) and RTV (off Ave de la République) serve Niamey daily.

Minibuses/Peugeots depart the gare routière in the centre of town for Diffa (CFA6000/6500, nine/eight hours) and Maradi (CFA2500/3000, 4½/3½ hours).

Minibuses/Peugeots depart for Agadez (CFA7000/8000, nine/eight hours) from Agadez autogare (Ave de la République), 1km northeast of town.