Rama Key

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Bluefields , Nicaragua
+505 628 1112
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Located inside Bluefields' bay, this barbell-shaped island is home to around 800 people - over half of all remaining Rama Indians. Isolated by the dominant Miskito culture, they still speak their own language and use their traditional government structures. Casa Historia (entry by donation) may be the only museum that chronicles their story.

The real reason to come to the island is Hotel Surpise Dream, a hotel and ecotourism project run by the Rama Nation in conjunction with BICU. The package deal includes transportation from Bluefields, three meals and guided tours, which could include trips to Wairu Cay for crab catching, or canoeing to Gwilling Cay Creek. There's currently no regular boat service to Rama Key, so independent travelers can choose a pricey private panga (small boat) or try to hitch a ride with a Rama fisher, who may or may not speak Spanish.