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Getting there & around

Air Calédonie(Office45 570 22; 7.30-11am & 1.30-3pm Mon-Fri; Airport 45 55 30; 7.30-10.30am & 1.30-4pm Mon to Fri) has an office in Wadrilla and a desk at the airport in Houloup.

A private bus (45 70 77) leaves St Joseph daily except Sunday at 6.30am, passing through Fayaoué at around 7.30am to arrive at Mouli at around 9am. It then returns, stopping at Fayaoué at around 10.30am and arriving at St Joseph at around 11.30am. The driver stops anywhere along the route if you flag him down. The fare is 150 CFP between St Joseph and Fayaoué, and 100 CFP between Fayaoué and Mouli.

Cycling is a great way to get round the island. Iaai Aventure (45 09 77; adult/child per half-day 750/500 CFP, adult/child per full-day 1500/750 CFP), 200m south of Gîte Beaupré in Fayaoue, rents bikes.

Ouvéa has a couple of car-rental companies that usually drop off or pick up vehicles from the airport, wharf or accommodation places for free.

Loca Sud (45 70 13, 79 86 51; car hire per day from 5000 CFP) At Mouli, just before the Cocotier homestay.

Ouvéa Location (45 73 77; car hire per day from 4000 CFP) At Fayaoué, on the main road 500m south of the airport turn-off.

Hitchhiking is quite common on Ouvéa. Drivers will usually offer you a lift even if you are not hitchhiking, although it can take a while for a car to come along.