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Chitwan National Park

Health & safety

Dangers & annoyances

Maoist rebels are active in the area around Chitwan and the army post and telephone exchange at Sauraha have been attacked on several occasions. In June 2005, a public bus was destroyed by a landmine near Narayangarh, killing 38 people. Travel is generally safe during ceasefires, but things can change rapidly so it's essential to check the security situation before you visit.

Another small but significant risk comes from the wildlife in the park. Tigers, leopards and rhinos are all quite capable of killing human beings, and there have been serious attacks on tourists taking guided walks through the park. Most people have a good experience on jungle walks, but you should be aware that there's a small but significant risk - being chased by a rhino seems a lot less funny when you consider the phrase 'trampled to death'.

Bugs are another unwelcome aspect of life in the jungle. Mosquitos are present in large numbers year round and during the monsoon, the forest comes alive with jukha (leeches). There is also a small risk of contracting typhus fever from a tick bite - always inspect exposed skin after walking.