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Introducing Nepalganj

Nepalganj is a gritty border town with a hectic Indian (in particular, Uttar Pradesh) flavour. You’ll hear more Hindi spoken than Nepali. As Nepal’s second city, Nepalganj is an important transport hub with mountain flights to remote airstrips in northwestern Nepal, a busy border with India, and the closest airport to Bardia National Park.

With its oppressive heat and dust, many see it as a necessary evil on the way to somewhere else, though it is also culturally rich, and home to Nepal’s largest Muslim community, as well as having a sizeable expat community of foreign-aid workers.

If you find yourself spending time in Nepalganj, take a stroll through the old bazaar where you’ll find some attractive silver Tharu jewellery. There are half a dozen small temples strung out along the main road through the bazaar, with the garish Bageshwari Mandir, devoted to Kali, probably the most interesting.

Nepalganj is 16km south of the Mahendra Hwy and 6km north of the Indian border. It’s about 1km from the Nepali border post at Jamunaha to the Indian border post at Rupaidha Bazaar – it’s walkable, but easier by rickshaw.