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Getting there & away

RNAC(524661) and several private airlines offer flights between Biratnagar and Kathmandu (US$81 to US$96, one hour). RNAC also flies three times a week to Taplejung (US$64 to US$85, 30 minutes). Travel agents around Traffic Chowk can make bookings. A rickshaw to the airport will cost around Rs 60.

The bus standis a Rs 10 rickshaw ride southwest from Traffic Chowk. There are regular day and night buses to Kathmandu (day/night Rs 475/495, 12 hours) via Narayangarh (day/night Rs 380/400, nine hours), and several buses leave every morning for Birganj (Rs 252, seven hours) and Janakpur (Rs 160, four hours). There are also regular services along the Mahendra Hwy to Kakarbhitta (Rs 120, 3½ hours).

Local buses run regularly to Dharan Ba- zaar (Rs 40, one hour) throughout the day. There are also early morning buses to Dhankuta (Rs 140, three hours) and Hile (Rs 170, 3½ hours).