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Flights to Kathmandu

The best price found from United States to Kathmandu is on January 27th, 2016, travelling with . See more options, compare prices and book: search flights.

Seattle / Tacoma International
from US$668.00

Getting around by air

It’s a good idea to double-check the departure time of your return flight before flying. This goes double for the notoriously unreliable Nepal Airlines, with whom you should reconfirm at least once.

Domestic Airlines

Kathmandu is the main hub for domestic flights, including to Pokhara (US$119), Lukla (US$165), Bharatpur (US$108; for Chitwan) and Bhairawa (US$142). The most reliable airlines are Buddha and Yeti/Tara airlines; others seem to change with the weather. It’s far less hassle to buy tickets through a travel agency, and you’ll probably get a better deal this way.

Nepal Airlines domestic office has flights to remoter airstrips but only has computerised booking on some of its flights. The other domestic carriers are much more reliable if you have a choice. Book at a travel agent or direct with the office to the side of the main Nepal Airlines international booking centre.

Nepali airlines don't have the best safety record.