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Flights to Kathmandu

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Washington Ronald Reagan
from $648.00

Getting around by air

Kathmandu's international and domestic airports reopened quickly after the 2015 earthquake and flights are operating as normal. However, it’s a good idea to double-check the departure time of your return flight before flying. This goes double for the notoriously unreliable Nepal Airlines, with whom you should reconfirm at least once.

Airports & Airlines

Transport Options

Kathmandu’s international airport is called Tribhuvan Airport after the late king; the area’s former name of Gaucher (literally ‘cow pasture’) speaks volumes about Kathmandu’s rapid urban expansion.

Getting into town is quite straightforward. Both the international and domestic terminals offer a fixed-price prepaid taxi service, currently Rs 700 to Thamel.

Once outside the international terminal you will be confronted by hotel touts, who are often taxi drivers making commission on taking you to a particular hotel. Many hold up a signboard of the particular hotel they are connected with and, if the one you want is there, you can get a free lift. The drawback with the taxis is that the hotel is then much less likely to offer you a discount, as it will be paying a hefty commission to the taxi driver. During strikes, the government often arranges a special airport bus that operates with a military guard!

If you book a room in advance for more than one night, many hotels will pick you up for free.

Public buses leave from the main road – about 300m from the terminal – but they’re only really practical if you have very little luggage and know exactly how to get to where you want to go.

From Kathmandu to the airport you should be able to get a taxi for Rs 500, a bit more for a late or early flight.

Domestic Airlines

Kathmandu is the main hub for domestic flights, including to Pokhara (US$119), Lukla (US$165), Bharatpur (US$108; for Chitwan) and Bhairawa (US$142). The most reliable airlines are Buddha and Yeti/Tara airlines; others seem to change with the weather. It’s far less hassle to buy tickets through a travel agency, and you’ll probably get a better deal this way.

Nepal Airlines domestic office has flights to remoter airstrips but only has computerised booking on some of its flights. The other domestic carriers are much more reliable if you have a choice. Book at a travel agent or direct with the office to the side of the main Nepal Airlines international booking centre.

Be aware that Nepali airlines don't have the best safety record.