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Around the Kathmandu Valley

Getting around

If you intend to do any biking, hiking or just plain exploring it's worth getting Nepa Maps' 1:50, 000 Around the Kathmandu Valley (Rs 450) or Himalayan Maphouse's Biking Around Kathmandu Valley (Rs 550), both are available in Kathmandu.


Bus & tram

Bus & taxi

Buses and minibuses service all of the roads, but although they're cheap, they are uncomfortable and limiting. If you are part of a group or if the budget allows, you could consider hiring a car or taxi (Rs 600 to 800 per half day, or Rs 1000 to 1500 per full day).

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Bicycle & motorbike

By far the easiest and most economical way of getting around the valley is by bicycle or motorbike. Bicycle speed allows you to appreciate your surroundings and gives you the freedom to wander wherever you like. If you are aiming for somewhere on the rim of the valley, make sure you have a multigeared mountain bike. A reasonably fit person can cycle almost anywhere in the valley and return to Kathmandu before dusk.

Excellent DIY day-trip itineraries that combine a great ride with some lesser-visited cultural gems include the following:

Kirtipur to Chobar to Pharping and then Dakshinkali

Bungamati to Khokna and onto Chobar

Chapagaon to the Lele Valley to Badhikhel and to Bishanku Narayan

Budhanilkantha to Nagi Gompa to Mulkarkha to Sundarijal to Gokarna Mahadev

Nagarkot to Vajrayogini Temple to Sankhu and onto Bodhnath

Bodhnath to Gokarna Mahadev Temple to Sankhu and Vajrayogini Temple.

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