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Getting there & away




The main Arniko Hwy to Bhaktapur carries a lot of bellowing, belching buses and trucks so it's better to follow the parallel road to Bhaktapur via the northern end of Thimi. Avoid peak hours.

Bus, minibus & taxi

Minibuses from Kathmandu (Rs 12, 40 minutes) drop off/depart from a stand just southwest of Bhaktapur's Navpokhu Pokhari, a short walk from Durbar Sq. The last minibus back to Kathmandu leaves at about 6.45pm. Express buses are the best bet, as local buses stop in Thimi en route.

Taxis from Kathmandu cost around Rs 350 one way.

Buses for Nagarkot (Rs 15, one hour) leave regularly from the northeastern corner of the city.

Buses to Changu Narayan (Rs 8, 30 minutes) leave every 30 minutes or so from the northern junction with the Changu Narayan road.

For Dhulikhel you'll have to walk 10 minutes down to the Arniko Hwy (via Potters' Sq and Ram Ghat) and catch a (probably packed) through bus from Kathmandu.

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