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Health & safety

Dangers & annoyances

Windhoek is generally safe by day, but avoid going out alone at night. Don’t make yourself a target by walking around with a backpack or expensive camera and never leave anything of value visible in a rented vehicle. Windhoek’s townships are generally safer than those in South Africa, but use caution and try to take a local guide if you visit.

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While you're there


Ambulance (211111)

Crime report (290 2239) 24-hour phone service.

Fire brigade (211111)

Local police (228328)

National police (10111)

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Medical services

Rhino Park Private Hospital (225434; Sauer St) Provides excellent care and service, but patients must pay up front.

Windhoek State Hospital (303 9111) An option for those who are short of cash but have time to wait; the hospital is located off Harvey Rd.

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