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One of the most reputable light-plane operators in Namibia, Pleasure Flights has been offering scenic aerial cruises for almost 20 years. Considering that so much of the South Atlantic coastline is inaccessible on the ground, taking to the skies is a wonderful way to appreciate the wild nature that typifies most of the region. Several uniquely designed routes are available for your choosing, which take in a range of destinations, including the Salt Works, Sandwich Harbour, Welwitschia Drive, the Brandberg Mountains, Sossusvlei, the Skeleton Coast and beyond.

Prices start at around N$850 per person for a one-hour circuit, though prices are dependent on the length of the flight and the number of passengers on board as well as the fluctuating price of aviation fuel. Generally speaking, if you can put together a large group, and you spring for the longer flight, you will get much better value for your dollars. Regardless, chartering a private plane is a privileged experience that is well worth the splurge, and there are few places in the world that can rival the beauty and grandeur of Central Namibia.