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Introducing Southern Namibia

If you’re beginning a regional odyssey in South Africa, one of the best ways to approach Namibia is from South Africa's vast Northern Cape, crossing the border into the infinite, desert-rich south of the country. Once in Namibia, the landscape, noticeably starker than its southern neighbour, is tinged with a lunar feel from the scattered rocky debris, and is marked from the irrepressible movement of the oldest sand dunes on the planet.

Although the tourist trail in Namibia firmly swings north towards Etosha National Park, the deserts of Southern Namibia sparkle beneath the sun – quite literally – as they’re filled with millions of carats of diamonds.

The port of Lüderitz has long been a traveller’s favourite. A surreal colonial relic that has largely disregarded the 21st century, Lüderitz clings fiercely to its European roots, with traditional German architecture set against a backdrop of fiery sand dunes and deep blue seas.

Your first sight of Fish River Canyon will, more than any place in Namibia, leave you with feelings of awe and grandeur – it is Mother Earth at its very finest. One of the largest canyons in the world, it’s also one of the most spectacular sights in the whole of Africa.