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North-Central Namibia

Introducing North-Central Namibia

When you have little more than a car window separating you from the surrounding white plains, and with a thermos of early-morning coffee and cameras ready, there are few places that can match the wildlife prospects of dawn in Etosha National Park. Home to a network of artificial waterholes and naturally up-welling springs, the southern boundary of the Etosha Pan harbours enormous congregations of African animals. Just one day of wildlife watching at a single waterhole can produce literally thousands of sightings, which has justifiably earned Etosha the reputation as one of the best reserves in the world.

Unlike the vast majority of safari parks in Africa, all roads inside Etosha are 2WD accessible and open to private vehicles. This, of course, means that if you’ve been fortunate enough to rent your own vehicle, you’re in for one of the most memorable safaris of your life. Anyone can tell their friends and family back home how quickly their guide spotted a pride of lions, but how many people can say that they drove on the edges of a salt pan while tracking herds of zebra in the distance?

The crown jewel in Namibia’s rich treasure trove of protected areas, Etosha dominates the tourism circuit in North-Central Namibia. However, there are plenty of worthwhile opportunities here for hiking and exploring, and there’s a good chance that the tourist crowds will be elsewhere. If you have the time to spare, don’t overlook the region’s other highlights, which run the gamut from lofty plateaus and art-laden caves to hulking meteorites and dino footprints.