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Mrauk U (Myohaung)

Getting there & around

The only way to Mrauk U is by boat. The two-tier government-run IWT runs to Mrauk U from Sittwe (US$4, six to seven hours), leaving three mornings a week from a jetty 1km north of Sittwe’s centre. Other days you can catch a small ‘private boat’ (US$10 to US$15, four to five hours) at 7am or 2.30pm. Private boat charter is possible for small groups and starts from about US$80 to US$100, including waiting in Mrauk U. Malikha (23159; www.malikhatravels.com) runs enclosed ‘fast boats’ (US$20, three hours), leaving at 2.30pm. In the other direction, boats usually leave Mrauk U at 8am from the jetty, 1km south of the market, but double-check with your guesthouse or hotel.

In late 2004, seven people, including five Italian tourists, were killed when an unexpected storm overturned a fast boat after dark.

A horse cart around the temples is about K10, 000 per day. Bicycle rental is about K2000 per day. The taxi stand (for jeeps) is on the north side of the palace.