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Getting Around


Traditionally the main form of city transport, pedal trishaws are now relatively rare except around the markets. Fares include city centre to base of Mandalay Hill for K4000 return and all-day hire from around K10,000.

English-speaking drivers include eloquent Ko Re (koore6070@gmail.com) and Mr ‘Take it Easy’ (myintshin15@gmail.com; 27th St, 80/81).

Bus & Pick-Up Trucks

The public transport system uses pick-up trucks that make regular lengthy stops, rarely leaving till jammed full. Route numbers are displayed above the cab in local script. Different coloured boards sometimes denote variant routings.

From 25th/83rd diagonally opposite Nylon Hotel:

  • ၁ (1), ၅ (5), ၁၉ (19) via 78th St, south to the train station, east on 30th then 5 and 19 head east on 19th while 1 heads north up 62nd
  • ၁၆ (16) to the base of Mandalay Hill; blue sign goes via train station

From 84th St at 29th St:

  • ၈ (8) passes Mahamuni Paya en route to Amarapura
  • ၁ဝ (10) to the Highway bus station

Motorcycle & Taxi

Motorcycle taxis lurk near hotels and on many a city corner. Expect to pay K1000 for a short hop, K1500 across the centre, and K10,000 all-day hire within Mandalay (or K15,000 including Amarapura, Inwa and Sagaing). These drivers speak decent English:

Aung-Aung Friendly, helpful driver.

Ko Zaw Thoughtful, English-speaking motobike taxi driver.

Zimi Daughter of Moustache Brother Lu Maw, Zimi is probably the only female motorcycle taxi driver in Mandalay.