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Getting around

Try not to shop with a driver, as you’ll end up paying over the odds thanks to commission deals drivers work out with shop owners.

Bus & tram


Mandalay’s city buses are very crowded, particularly during the 7am to 9am and 4pm to 5pm rush hours.

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Local transport


White taxis and ‘blue taxis’ (which are ancient Mazda pick-ups) whisk folks around Mandalay most hours. Prices are negotiable. A ride from downtown to the Bagan jetty is about K2000 or so. A full-day trip by blue taxi to nearby attractions is about K20, 000.

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Bicycle & motorcycle

There are several central places to rent bicycles, including Mr Htoo Bicycles (83rd St, 25/26; per day K2000; 8am-7pm). Marie-Min Vegetarian Restaurant can usually help to arrange a motorbike.

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