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Health & safety

Dangers & annoyances

Mozambique is generally safe, but there are some areas and situations where caution is warranted.

Thefts and robberies are the main risks: watch your pockets in markets, avoid carrying a bag or otherwise giving a potential thief reason to think you have anything of value, and avoid isolating situations.

More likely are simple hassles, such as underpaid authorities in search of bribes. You’re required to carry your passport or (better) a notarised copy at all times. If stopped by the police, remain polite, but don’t surrender your documents – insist on going to the nearest police station (esquadrão) instead.

Land mines – a legacy of the war days – are still a risk. Always stick to well-used paths, and don’t free-camp or wander off roadsides or into the bush anywhere, without first checking with locals.