24 hours in 10 great cities

If you've got a quick hit stopover, don't just kill time in an airport - make the most of it with these inspiring one-day itineraries.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a neon-clad metropolis where dreams come down to the turn of a card. Check out this day trip that will take you beyond the lights of the Strip for local flare and natural beauty - and this .


The dense sprawl of Tokyo can be mind-blowing to the uninitiated, but this one-day itinerary will get you straight to its unmissable experiences.


When in Rome...we'll tell you how to skim the cream and pack the city's finest into 24 hours. Don't worry, it starts with coffee.


Moscow is drenched in history and rocking a new cosmopolitan edge. This one-day itinerary will cherry-pick the city's finest for you.

New York City

Although you could spend a lifetime here and still not see everything, even with 24 hours to spare you can still pack a lot in - shops, art, food and that famous park.


'When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life,' asserted Dr Samuel Johnson. Trite but true: London is life. And if you want to try to sample even a fraction of that life in a day, you'll need plenty of stamina, and a very early start - and this daily itinerary.


In Berlin the past is always present, and the present is on the fast-track to the future. Get on board this art-fuelled city with our 24 hour tour.

Buenos Aires

24 hours would never be enough in Buenos Aires, but if that’s all you’ve got, these expert tips will help you make a truly delicious day (and night ) of it.


Got just one day in this wonderful Moroccan town? Our authors have mapped out an itinerary that will squeeze every last sun-drenched drop out of a day in Fès.


Tree-shaded boulevards, romantic bridges illuminated by wrought-iron lamps and wicker chair-lined café terraces... so much of it to explore! If you only have one day in Paris, here’s the best way to maximise your time.