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Getting there & away

Gerald’s Airport (MNI; 491-2533), named for its location, is in a small facility opened in 2005. The runway covers the top of the plateau and the sheer drops at either end add drama to any flight. The only service is provided by Winair (491-2362; www.fly-winair.com) which flies the 20-minute hop to Antigua several times daily. There are also daily flights to/from Sint Maarten, but most of these stop at Antigua. Fares can be as high as US$55 to US$100 each way. Flights often fill up and high winds can halt service for hours or days. Also note that the woeful immigration situation at VC Bird International Airport on Antigua means your wait to enter the country may be longer than your visit to Montserrat.

Ferry service to/from Antigua is an on-again, off-again affair. More often it is the latter, despite local pleas for this fare- and freight-friendly alternative to Winair.