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Flights to Montenegro

The best price found from United States to Montenegro is on September 6th, 2016, travelling with Turkish Airlines. See more options, compare prices and book: search flights.

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Getting around by air

Airports & Airlines

Montenegro’s largest and most modern airport is immediately south of the capital Podgorica. The entire south of the country and everywhere as far north as Kolašin is within 100km of this airport. If you’re wondering about the airport code, the TGD is a hangover from Podgorica’s previous name Titograd. Locals sometimes call it Golubovci airport as it’s close to a village with that name. The airport’s safety record is blemished only by a small plane skidding while landing in snowy conditions in 2005; there were no serious injuries.

The second international airport at Tivat is well positioned for holidaymakers heading to the Bay of Kotor or Budva and now welcomes over half a million passengers annually. Despite its mountainous surrounds and a runway that ends only 100m from the water, there has never been an accident here.

Montenegro’s de facto third airport is actually in neighbouring Croatia. Dubrovnik airport is a modern facility only 17km from the border and the closest airport to Herceg Novi. Commonly referred to locally as Čilipi airport, it’s used by over 1.3 million travellers annually.

The word for airport in Montenegrin is aerodrom (аеродром). This was also used in Croatia until independence but in a fit of French-style linguistic nationalism the official Croatian term has been changed to a direct translation of the words for ‘air’ and ‘port’, zračna luka – a potential trap for English speakers.

Montenegro Airlines is the national carrier, running a small fleet of 102- to 116-seater planes. Apart from the skid at Podgorica airport mentioned above, its safety record has been unsullied during its 10 years of operation. It has code-share agreements with Adria, Austrian and JAT Airways.

Airlines Flying To & From Montenegro & Dubrovnik

Literally dozens of airlines fly into Montenegro or neighbouring Dubrovnik from all over Europe. Some of them only operate in the busy summer months or reduce their services substantially at other times.

Adria Airlines (www.adria.si) Flies between Ljubljana and Podgorica.

Aer Lingus (www.aerlingus.com)

Austrian Airlines (www.austrian.com) Flies on their offshoot Tyrolean from Vienna to Podgorica and Dubrovnik.

British Airways (www.britishairways.com) Flies between London Gatwick and Dubrovnik.

Condor (www.condor.com) Flies between Frankfurt and Dubrovnik.

Croatia Airlines (www.croatiaairlines.com) Flies from Zagreb to Podgorica; and from Frankfurt, Munich, Paris, Rome, Zagreb and Zurich to Dubrovnik.

easyJet (www.easyjet.com) Bargain flights to Dubrovnik from Berlin, Edinburgh, Geneva, London (Gatwick and Stansted), Lyon, Milan, Paris and Rome.

Eurolot (www.eurolot.com) Flies from Gdansk and Poznan to Dubrovnik.

Finnair (www.finnair.com) Seasonal flights from Helsinki to Dubrovnik.

Germanwings (www.germanwings.com) Flies from Cologne/Bonn, Hanover and Stuttgart to Dubrovnik.

Jat Airways (www.jat.com) Flies from Belgrade to Podgorica and Tivat.

Jet2.com (www.jet2.com) Flies to Dubrovnik from Belfast (April to September), East Midlands, Newcastle (both May to September), Edinburgh, Leeds (both April to October) and Manchester (April to November).

Jetairfly (www.jetairfly.com) Flies between Brussels and Dubrovnik, from May to September.

Lufthansa (www.lufthansa.com) Flies between Munich and Dubrovnik.

Monarch Airlines (www.monarch.co.uk) Cheap flights to Dubrovnik from Birmingham, London Gatwick and Manchester from May to September.

Montenegro Airlines (www.montenegroairlines.com) Flies from Belgrade and Moscow to Tivat. Also from Belgrade, Frankfurt, Ljubljana, Moscow, Niš, Paris, Rome, Vienna and Zurich to Podgorica.

Moskovia Airlines (www.ak3r.ru) Flies from Moscow to Tivat.

Norwegian Air Shuttle (www.norwegian.no) Seasonal flights from Bergen, Copenhagen, London Gatwick, Oslo, Stavanger, Stockholm and Trondheim to Dubrovnik.

Rossiya Airlines (www.rossiya-airlines.com) Flies to Domodedovo Airport in Moscow and operates ten flights per day between the two cities.

S7 Airlines (www.s7.ru) Flies from Moscow to Tivat.

SAS (www.flysas.com) Flies from Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm to Dubrovnik.

Thomas Cook Airlines (www.thomascookairlines.com) Flies from Brussels to Tivat and Dubrovnik, from April to October.

Thomson (www.thomson.co.uk) Flies to Dubrovnik from Birmingham, London Gatwick and Manchester.

TUIfly (www.tuifly.com) Flies to Dubrovnik from Cologne/Bonn, Hanover and Stuttgart.

Turkish Airlines (www.turkishairlines.com) Flies between Istanbul and Podgorica.

Vueling (www.vueling.com) Seasonal flights between Barcelona and Dubrovnik.