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Health & safety

Dangers & annoyances

Montenegro’s towns are generally safe places. You’ll see children playing unsupervised on the streets and young women walking alone at night or even hitchhiking (not to say that we necessarily recommend these things).

Montenegro’s roads, on the other hand, can be treacherous. They’re generally in good condition but many are narrow and have sheer drops on one side. The main hazard is from other motorists who have no qualms about overtaking on blind corners while talking on their mobile phones or stopping in the middle of the road without warning. There’s plenty of random tooting – don’t let it faze you. It’s best to keep your cool and stick to the speed limit as the traffic police are everywhere.

Chances are you’ll see some snakes if you’re poking around ruins during summer. Montenegro has two types of venomous vipers but they’ll try their best to keep out of your way. If bitten, you will have time to head to a medical centre for the antivenom but you should head there immediately. Water snakes are harmless.

Check with the police before photograph- ing any official building they’re guarding.

Since Montenegro is in an active seismic zone, earthquakes strike from time to time, with the last major one that caused a loss of life occurring in 1979.

A major annoyance is the amount of time spent waiting for waiters, particularly when it comes time to pay your bill. Virtually everyone smokes – pretty much everywhere except for churches and (usually) buses.