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Introducing Uvs

After travelling around this aimag for a while you may start to wonder why they named it Uvs (Grass), as most of the region is classified as high desert. Really the main features of this diverse aimag are its lakes, which come in all shapes, sizes and levels of salinity. The biggest, Uvs Nuur, is more like an inland sea, while smaller lakes such as Khökh Nuur make excellent hiking destinations. Together, the lakes and the surrounding deserts make up the Ikh Nuuruudin Khotgor: the 39,000 sq km Great Lakes Depression that includes bits of neighbouring Khovd and Zavkhan aimags.

The main attraction of Uvs, though, has to be the twin peaks of Kharkhiraa Uul (4037m) and Türgen Uul (3965m). From these mountains spill permanent glaciers, fast-flowing rivers and verdant plateaus, and the hiking opportunites are excellent