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Flights to Ulaanbaatar

The best price found from United States to Ulaanbaatar is on June 5th, 2017, travelling with Aeroflot. See more options, compare prices and book: search flights.

Washington Dulles
from $630.00

Getting around by air


Chinggis Khaan International Airport

Chinggis Khaan International Airport is 18km southwest of the city. The airport has ATMs and banking services, a post office and internet access for T50 per minute. A tourist booth operates inside the baggage hall when planes arrive.

Mongolia has three domestic carriers: Hunnu Airlines, AeroMongolia and EZ Nis. On domestic routes with Hunnu Air and AeroMongolia you are allowed 15kg of baggage (combined carry-on and check-in). EZ Nis allows 20kg. You’ll pay around T3000 per kilogram over the limit. Flight days always change, so check updated schedules. The airlines accept credit cards for international and domestic flights.

Transport Options

If it’s your first visit to Mongolia, the best way to get into the city is to organise a pick-up from your hotel/guesthouse (just email them with your flight details). This may be free (usually if you book three nights’ accommodation) or cost around US$15 to US$20. Taxi drivers will find you in the airport terminal but will almost certainly try to overcharge first-time visitors. After agreeing a price, some might demand more (up to US$50) when you reach your destination; drivers also might hold your luggage hostage until you pay their price; to avoid this, keep your luggage with you in the car, rather than in the boot.

During the month of July the city runs an airport bus to and from the Bayangol Hotel bus stop. The bus runs every 30 minutes and the fare is T2000. However, the service was new in 2013 and it's not clear if it will continue.

If you don’t mind walking a little, you can use either bus 11 or 22 (T500). These connect the city centre and the district of Nisekh, close to the airport. At the airport, go out of the terminal and across the parking lot to the main road (a 500m walk). At the main road turn right and walk about 400m, until you reach the bus turn-out (there is no sign but you’ll see others waiting). Only do this during daylight (for safety reasons). A bus comes by every 15 minutes or so until 9pm. Once in the city you can get off at the bus stop near the main library (opposite the Drama Theatre).

To the airport, bus 11 or 22 will stop at Ard Kino on Baga Toiruu, and also near the Bayangol Hotel, but it won’t drop you at the terminal. You still have to haul your luggage 500m from the bus stop on the highway.