Dashchoilon Khiid

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Dashchoilon Khiid information

Ulaanbaatar , Mongolia
Academich Sodnomyn Gudamj
+976 11 11 350 047
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Originally built in 1890 and destroyed in the late 1930s, this monastery was partially rebuilt and is now located in three huge concrete gers that once formed part of the State Circus. There are plans afoot to expand the monastery to include a six-storey building which will house a 17m-high statue of Maidar . So far, the only part of the statue to exist is the 108-bead rosary, donated by monks from Japan (each bead weighs 45.5kg, making it the largest rosary in the world). You can get to Dashchoilon from a lane running off Baga Toiruu – look out for the orange-and-brown roof.