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Getting there & away

Travellers often bypass Erdenet and go straight from Ulaanbaatar to Mörön via Bulgan. If you have the time, and want a little luxury, take the sleeper train from Ulaanbaatar to Erdenet and catch a shared vehicle to Mörön; these wait at the taxi stand outside the Sports Palace. Don’t make the mistake of first going to Bulgan and then trying to hitch to Mörön. There are comparatively few cars heading to Mörön from Bulgan.



Bus, minivan & jeep

Two daily buses depart from Erdenet’s bus stand to Ulaanbaatar’s Dragon bus stand (T8000, seven hours, 371km) at noon and 2pm. Going the other way they depart Dragon at the same times.

For shared vehicles to Mörön (T20, 000, 10 hours), Bulgan (T3500, one hour), Tsetserleg (T20, 000, seven hours) and Uliastai (T40, 000, 20 hours), the best place to look is at the market (zakh). The best place to look for a vehicle to Ulaanbaatar is outside the Sports Palace.

The roads from Erdenet to Darkhan (180km) and to Bulgan City (55km) are both paved.


Train 273 departs Ulaanbaatar for Erdenet at 7pm, arriving 11 hours later. It costs T3600/9000 for a hard seat/soft-seat sleeper. The sleeper is definitely worth the extra tögrög: the hard-seat carriages are packed to the roof. The train returns to Ulaanbaatar from Erdenet at the same time (7pm). In summer a weekend train to/from Ulaanbaatar is added, though the schedule is a little unreliable, so check for times at the station.

To Darkhan (5½ hours), the train costs T2100/5300 for a hard/soft seat. For Sükhbaatar in Selenge aimag, change trains in Darkhan.

You can buy tickets at the train station, but it’s better to queue on the day of, or before, departure at the train ticket office (22505; 9am-1pm & 2.30-6.30pm) in the northeast end of town. Look for the small train sign on the side of an apartment block, opposite the local bus stand.

Buses meet arriving trains, but the stampede of passengers quickly fills these to overflowing. It’s best to get off the train as soon as you can and find a taxi (about T4000) before the crush starts.

It is more sedate going by bus to the train station. Buses (T300), cars (T500 per person) and taxis (T5000) leave from the local bus stand, opposite the train ticket office.

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