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Eastern Mongolia

Getting there & away

A paved road between Ulaanbaatar and Öndörkhaan is nearly complete, allowing for a relatively hassle-free entry into the region. Decent dirt roads connect other areas, although the far north can get boggy after heavy rains.

Vehicles for Öndörkhaan depart from Ulaanbaatar’s Naran Tuul jeep station. You can also get a ride with vehicles from Ulaanbaatar that go through Öndörkhaan on their way to Baruun-Urt and Choibalsan. Another route into the region is through northern Khentii – daily minivans from Naran Tuul travel to Dadal via Ömnödelger and Binder. During the rainy season this trip can take more than 25 hours.

With your own vehicle, it’s possible to drive to eastern Mongolia from the Gobi. You could even enter from Russia at the Ereentsav–Solovyevsk border crossing in Dornod aimag. If you are in Selenge aimag, the only direct way into Khentii is on foot or horseback; jeep travellers will need to go via Ulaanbaatar.