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Introducing Tiraspol

The 'capital' of Transdniestr is also, officially at least, the second largest city in Moldova. But don't expect it to be anything like the chaotic Moldovan capital: here time seems to have stood still since the end of the Soviet Union. Eerily quiet streets, flower beds tended with military precision and old-school Soviet everything from street signs to litter-free parks named after communist grandees: Tiraspol (from the Greek, meaning 'town on the Nistru') will be one of the strangest places you'll ever visit.

This veritable Lenin-loving theme park may be starting to show capitalist cracks, as SUVs and wireless pizzerias become more and more common, and the divide between the haves and the have-nots continues to widen. But, for now, it's still a place to visit for anyone wanting a through-the-looking glass experience.