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How far in advance to book hotels in popular Mexico places?

I'll be in Mexico in December and have already booked my first hotel, in Mexico City. I'm likely to be spending Christmas in Veracruz, the port city. My question is - when should I start thinking about booking a reasonable hotel? I could do it now, but as I like a bit of itinerary flexibility I'd prefer to wait till I get to Mexico i.e. around 10th December. Booking/checking into Mexico hotels will be new to me, as I've never travelled in that part of the world. Any advice welcome. Thanks,…


Mexico Sights and sand in May and June for first timers.

Guys can I please have feedback on this. I am working from guide books and word of mouth. Entry and exit times are locked in however the rest is flexible. We wish to avoid to much time in a bus and want to stay 3 to 4 star. budget is @ $2500 Australian.
Mexico 2015

May 19 arrive Cancun 1710. Transfer to hotel.
May 20 City Tour. Then free time
May 21 Chichen Itza Deluxe Tour. Night in Cancun
May 22 Transfer to Playa del Carmen. Beach day.
May 23 Tulum & Xel - Ha All inclusive


Palenque to Flores the DIY way

Dear all,

I would like to avoid the packaged tours for going from Palenque to Flores and go by my own instead. So I plan to head to Frontera Corozal by combi, take a tour to Yaxchilan and back and then....
My plan would be to take the 5am Pinita bus from Bethel to Flores the next day and spend the night in the border area. But now I found out that lanchas are not going early enough that I could spend the night in Frontera Corozal. So I need to go to Bethel the first day late afternoon - does…


What settings to Galaxy S5 should I make before travel to mexico?

So I don't want my cell phone bill to go through the roof when I travel to Mexico in a couple weeks.

What settings should I be adjusting so that my international calling, roaming, data, texting, etc rates don't go through the roof. I used to know on my iphone but on my Galaxy S5 I am not sure what to change, turn off, etc

We want to be able to look up places to eat, excursions, etc while there but mostly want to be disconnected anyway. Maybe post some photos to facebook or send messages to…


Hotels in Nogales

Could anybody recommend a hotel in Nogales that is reasonable and close to the border?


safety in mexico ??

Hey people! i wanted to take a side trip to mexico but am kinda of worried about the safety issues over there. I read the state dpet report and to tell you the truth it wasnt that encouraging. i dont really too much about the country and where to go ; all i know is that i want to visist. people have been tellng me to go to san cabos , tijuana, acupolco, and well mexico city, they told me forget everything else cuase youll end up kidnapped. i dont know. what do u guys think? are these cities…


3 weeks Storage - Cancun

Hi everyone,

I have read a few posts on here re: this topic however they all seemed around 12 months old.

Is there anywhere in Cancun that offers short term storage, just a back pack maybe 2.

We will be in Cancun early February 2015 and heading over to Cuba for 3 weeks and instead of lugging around anything we have purchased after 4 weeks in Mexico I was hoping to find somewhere we could store it all securely.

I have emailed our accommodation pre and post trip however it seems to be a no…


Tours to Los Pueblos Mancomunados

Was wondering if anyone knows of any operators that run tours to Los Pueblos Macomunados apart from Tierra Ventura and Expediciones Sierra Norte.