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Getting there & away

Most buses serving Cobá swing down almost to the lake to drop off passengers before turning around. Buses run six to eight times daily between Tulum and Cobá (M$30); six of these also serve Playa del Carmen (M$68, one to 1¾ hours). Buses also run to Valladolid (M$26, 45 minutes) and Chichén Itzá (M$52, 1½ hours).

Day-trippers from Tulum can reach Cobá by forming a group to split the cost of a taxi, which costs about M$500 round-trip, including two hours at the site.

The 31km road from Cobá to Chemax is arrow-straight and in good shape. If you’re driving to Valladolid or Chichén Itzá this is the way to go.