Mexico: travel books to read before you go


This excerpt from Lonely Planet’s Mexico guide provides a selection of travel literature to enhance your trip.

Gods Middle FingerGod’s Middle Finger Richard Grant risks his life to find out what’s really going on in the Sierra Madre Occidental. Great stuff – but don’t let it spook you! (Published in the UK as Bandit Roads.)

In the Sierra MadreIn the Sierra Madre Jeff Biggers spends a year living with the Rarámuri of the Copper Canyon. An informative and touching book.

Sliced IguanaSliced Iguana Isabella Tree takes peyote with the Huichol and meets the matriarchs of Juchitán in this warm account of Mexico and its indigenous cultures.

The Lawless RoadsThe Lawless Roads Graham Greene wandered through Mexico to Chiapas in the 1930s, a time of conflict between Catholics and an atheistic state.

Time Among the MayaTime Among the Maya Ronald Wright investigates the Maya concept of time and their tragic modern history.

A Visit to Don OtavioA Visit to Don Otavio Sybille Bedford’s witty and lyrical tale of travels in the now-vanished Mexico of the 1950s is still surprisingly relevant.

TarahumaraTarahumara – Where Night is the Day of the Moon Bernard Fontana’s classic 1970s account of Rarámuri life, with beautiful photos by John Schaefer.

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