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Metro or Taxi (airport DF)

Greetings Mexico Traveler's:

Not coming up with what I need in the Search function. Need help.
Taking bus from Morelia to Observatorio this Friday. Debating on taking Metro to the airport in DF as opposed to taxi. If I have time that is. I am looking at metro route and it looks like there are several stops to get there. Any idea how long this could take? Also it may be mid afternoon. Will I be okay with small day pack and carry on wheeled bag? Or is this a bad idea? I have used the Metro in…


Non stop flight Oslo-Mexico- Need a ESTA for flying through US Airpace?

I was booking a direct flight from Norway to Cancun, and a warning came up that I have to confirm my info on the airlines website 10 days in advance (name, passport number, etc), or I can be denied check-in and boarding since the flight is traveling through US air territory.
I assume its the APIS.

So far, so good. But the last sentence states that the US Goverment can deny me to even enter the plane, and that made me a bit insecure.

I got my ESTA revoked two years ago, applied for a visa at…


Cabo for Aussies

Hey guys,

Myself, my partner and two other couples are looking to go to Cabo San Lucas in July/August (we are coming from Brisbane & Melbourne) and we are pretty clueless on what is best for three 20-something couples. Can anyone recommend a good area to stay in (walking distance to beaches, shops, food, parties etc) and some awesome things to do?



Looking for information about the new airport in Palenque, MX. I understand the airport code is PQM

Looking for information about the new airport in Palenque, MX. I understand the airport code is PQM. I see the new airport referred to on a number of web sites, but find no information about what airlines serve the airport. I'm considering visiting from the USA and am not surprised that there are no direct flights from there, but I can find nothing within Mexico either. Does the airport even exist?


Best option to get CUC flying from mexico?!

I'm flying from Cancun next week to Havana and I want to know which is my best option to get CUC

Should I Take the amount that I'm gonna need for 3 weeks in mexican pesos and change it to CUC in some cadeca at havana airport or some other in the city?

Or take from an ATM the amount that I'm gonna need for 3 weeks in mexican pesos and change it do Canadian dollars in Cancun and then take the CAD to Cuba and change it in some cadeca?

this are the 2 options that I'm thinking at the moment,…


Warning for going to Acapulco CITY (AP) — The U.S. Embassy in Mexico issued a security message Friday warning U.S. citizens to avoid the Pacific resort of Acapulco because of violence and protests.

In yet another blow to a coastal city once favored by U.S. movie stars and jet-setters in the 1950s and '60s, the embassy said its personnel "have been instructed to defer non-essential travel to Acapulco, by air or land," and…


Chiapas--newspaper travel story

I thought this was a good story to be in a newspaper:

Nice photos, as well.


Mexico City to Zitacuaro for Monarchs

I'm traveling Dec. 10th from Mexico City to Zitacuaro and then taking a taxi to Macheros to a B&B so that I can see the monarchs at Cerro Pelon. I have been hearing so many negative things about Michoacán, and though I'm only stoping in Zitacuaro and leaving to Macheros in the State of Mexico, I wanted to get advice from other travelers on safety. I know a American went missing and was later found dead after leaving this B & B and heading to the pacific with his motorcycle. Though I…