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Getting around

Apart from walking, combis (white Volks­wagen minibuses) and taxis are the best way to navigate Taxco’s steep and narrow cobbled streets.

Combis (M$4) are frequent and operate from 7am to 8pm. ‘Zócalo’ combis depart from Plaza Borda, go down Cuauhtémoc to Plazuela de San Juan, then head down the hill on Hidalgo. They turn right at Morelos, left at Av de los Plateros, and go north until La Garita, where they turn left and return to the zócalo. ‘Arcos/Zócalo’ combis follow the same route except that they continue past La Garita to Los Arcos, where they do a U-turn and head back to La Garita. Combis marked ‘PM’ (for Pedro Martín) go to the south end of town from Plaza Borda, past the Estrella de Oro bus station. Taxis cost M$15 to M$30 for trips around town.

Plaza Taxco shopping center has a large parking garage (M$15 an hour, with cheaper 24-hour rates via most hotels). Access is off Av de los Plateros, via Estacadas. An elevator takes you up to the shopping center, on Ruiz de Alarcón next door to the Casa Humboldt.