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Introducing Pozos

Less than 100 years ago, Mineral de Pozos was a flourishing silver-mining center of 70,000 people, but with the 1910 Revolution and the flooding of the mines, the population dwindled. Empty houses, a large and unfinished church (note the dome!) and discarded mine workings and shafts were the legacy of abandonment. Today, this tiny place is gradually winning back its place on the map. Visitors can explore the crumbling buildings and tour the fascinating surrounds, including several mine ruins, by mountain bike or horse. Warning: many mine shafts are unfenced and, at 150m deep, are extremely dangerous. A number of expat artists run galleries here and a couple of boutique sleeping options have opened, catering mainly to weekenders from Mexico City.

Be sure to explore beyond the square Jardin Juarez and head up the hill to Plaza Zaragoza and down the hill to Plaza Mineros. Alongside the galleries, many craft shops are dotted around town.

For further information on the area, including local guides, see www.mineraldepozos.com.