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Getting around

Bus & tram


Most points of importance in the city are within walking distance of each other, but you may want to use city buses (M$3.50) to go to or from the bus stations.

From the 1st-class bus station a westbound ‘Juárez’ bus will take you down Juárez and Melchor Ocampo, three blocks east of the Zócalo; a ‘Tinoco y Palacios’ or ‘JP García’ bus will take you down Tinoco y Palacios, two blocks west of the Zócalo. To return to the bus station, take an ‘ADO’ bus north up Pino Suárez, four blocks east of the Zócalo, or up Crespo, three blocks west of the Zócalo.

Buses between the 2nd-class bus station and the center crawl along congested streets – it’s almost as quick to walk. ‘Centro’ buses head toward the center along Trujano, then turn north up Crespo.

To the 2nd-class bus station, ‘Central’ buses go south on Tinoco y Palacios, then west on Las Casas.

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Car & motorcycle

There are several guarded parking lots in the city center.

Estacionamiento Trujano (Trujano 219; per hr M$12, overnight M$50; 6am-11pm)

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Local transport


A taxi anywhere within the central area, including the bus stations, costs M$35 to M$40.

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Two full-service shops, Bicicletas Pedro Martínez and Zona Bici, rent out good mountain bikes. Both also offer bike tours besides selling bikes and equipment.

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