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Introducing Cerocahui

The village of Cerocahui is a small ejido (communal landholding), dedicated mainly to forestry, in the middle of a verdant, vista-laden valley, and easily reached from Bahuichivo station, 16km away. A stay here gives you the chance to explore canyon country that sees far fewer tourists than places nearer Creel. Cerocahui is also on the road to the enticing canyon-bottom village of Urique.

The village’s pretty yellow-domed church, San Francisco Javier de Cerocahui, was founded in 1680. Across the street is a much-visited Catholic boarding school for Tarahumara girls.

If you are not going to be continuing to Urique from here, at least take the excursion (offered by all accommodations) to Cerro del Gallego, a spectacular lookout over the Barranca de Urique, 25km on along the Urique road.