Horseback Rides to El Quemado

Horseback Rides to El Quemado information

Real de Catorce , Mexico
Around Real
per hr $60
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Ride 'em cowboy! Numerous trails lead out into the dry, stark and fascinating desertscapes - hilly and flat - around Real. The most popular guided trail ride is the three-hour trip to El Quemado, the sacred mountain of the Huichol. Here you'll find expansive views of the high-desert plateau and a small shrine to the sun god.

Horse guides now belong to a union, approved by the municipality; if unsure, ask for a guide's credentials. The aim of the union is to standardize prices and safety. Note that no protective hats are provided; you clomp off at your own risk.

The horses and guides congregate every morning around Plaza Hidalgo. Willys jeep trips can also be arranged to many of the same locations, mainly on weekends. Ask any of the drivers along Lanzagorta or Allende, or at the tourist office. Rates vary according to numbers.