Suprema Corte de Justicia

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Lonely Planet review

The Suprema Corte de Justicia , south of the Zócalo, has Orozco murals. In 1940 the artist painted four panels around the first level of the central stairway, two of which deal with the theme of justice. A more contemporary take on the same subject, Los Siete Crímenes Mayores (The Seven Worst Crimes ), by Rafael Cauduro, unfolds over the three levels of the building’s southwest stairwell. Executed in his hyperrealist style, the series catalogs the horrors of state-sponsored crimes against the populace, including the ever-relevant torture-induced confession. On the southeast corner of the building’s interior, Ángel Ismael Ramos Huitrón’s En Busqueda de la Justicia (In Search of Justice ) reflects on the Mexican people’s constant struggle to obtain justice, as does the social realism work La Justicia (Justice), by Japanese-Mexican artist Luis Nishizawa, on the northwest stairwell.