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Isla Cozumel

Getting there & away




OK, it may sound silly, but you can actually get long-distance bus tickets in advance at the ADO terminal (872-17-06; cnr Av 10 & Calle 2 Nte; 6:30am-9pm). Tickets are for services from Playa del Carmen’s bus terminal for all over Yucatán and Mexico.

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Passenger ferries run to Cozumel from Playa del Carmen, and vehicle ferries leave the Calica facility (officially known as the Terminal Marítima Punta Venado) south of Playa del Carmen. However, the vehicle ferry does not take rentals. Unless you’re driving your own car, use the Playa passenger ferry (M$110 one-way) instead. There’s normally a passenger ferry every hour to and from Cozumel, depending on the season. The ferry runs from 6am to midnight. Schedules are not set in stone, but currently there are six departures from Cozumel for Calica between 4:30am and midnight. Six ferries return from Calica between 2am and 9pm. Sundays have four departures in each direction. Fares are M$500 for cars and M$800 for a van-sized vehicle (both including the driver). You need to line up at least one hour before departure (earlier is better, they say).

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Some airlines fly direct from the USA; European flights are usually routed via the USA or Mexico City. Continental (800-900-50-00, in the US & Canada 800-231-0856; www.continental.com) has direct flights from Newark and Houston. Delta (800-123-47-10, in the US & Canada 800-241-4141; www.delta.com) has a direct flight from Atlanta. Mexicana (800-801-20-10; www.mexicana.com) flies direct to Mexico City, Miami and Dallas. There are currently no direct flights from Cancún to Cozumel; you’ll need to fly through Mexico City. In the end, you’re better off taking a bus–ferry combo.

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