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Local buses from Jalpan to Xilitla

Can anyone give me the particulars on getting a local bus from Jalpan to Xilitla- how frequent they are and where exactly to get them?

We are in Queretaro now and plan to take Primera there Sunday. It will get us to Jalpan at noon and we'd like to get to Xilitla as early as possible. I know we can take Primera directly to Xilitila, but there's only one a day that gets there at 5:30 p.m. and we'd like to get there earlier. Taking a local bus from Jalpan seems to be our only hope.

Thanks for…


Advice for Yucatan itinerary

Hi all,

I am planning to travel in the Yucatan Peninsula for a little over a week, and have chalked out the following itinerary.

Day 1: Arrive in Merida in afternoon. Night in Merida.
Day 2: Day trip to Uxmal. Night in Merida
Day 3: Sightseeing in Merida. Overnight Merida
Day 4: Early morning bus to Chichen Itza. Chichen Itza and cenotes. Night in Valladolid
Day 5: Valladoid to Playa del Carmen. Night in Playa del Carmen
Day 6: Day trip to Tulum. Night in Playa del Carmen
Day 7: Day trip to…


Seeking some Tulum Wisdom from the Thorn Tree Crowd

Hi fellow travelers!

My boyfriend and I are interested in planning a five day trip in January to Tulum (never been). It seems as of a few years ago Tulum was an affordable retreat. But recently the prices have escalated.

Rather than claw through the endless info on travel sites, I thought I'd see if anyone here has some recommendations. A few years ago it seemed possible to get a cabana on the beach for less than $150/night. Now it seems much more expensive.

So I just thought I'd check in…


Direct flights from Cancun

We ended up getting a last minute flight to Cancun as a third choice (love it but were there last year) due to
circumstances that were out of my control, but we are able to go-Yeh! So where else can I get a direct flight to
from there? Looking for a destination that we can explore, if even for a few days. Are there direct flights to any
Caribe islands like Jamaica or cubah? Appreciate any help..we are leaving in a couple days :) Have a great time weekend!


Tent. Is it possible to buy a tent in Mexico for camping?


I will fly in january to Mexico, I have a tent at home, but because of the bagage-allowance I probably can not take the tent with me, it is too heavy.
Can I buy a new tent in Mexico? And where?
I will fly to Mexico city, then I want to take some ADO-bus to Quintana Roo or maybe Chiapas.

Is it possible to buy a simple tent for around 700 pesos? (40 Euro). When I leave Mexico I will give the tent away to someone, I hope there are Mexicans who want a free tent somewhere.

Muchos gracias ya…


calakmul transport needed

<help. on 26 december i plan to go from campeche to calakmul. i want to camp at
yaax che but have no transport. if anyone is heading there, please, please, write
me and we can connect to go there.
thank you


Updated info for visiting Tziscao Lake (Lagos de Montebello area, Chiapas)

Hey everyone,
We just wanted to share some info if you are looking into staying at Tziscao. We were there a couple of weeks ago and the cabanas listed in the latest Lonely Planet (called Villa Tziscao) are out of order at the moment due to the elevated level of the lake. Unfortunately they are partially submerged and won't be open until the situation changes.

We did find another fantastic place to stay right on the lakeside, beautiful spot, budget friendly, run by a lovely young couple. Highly…


Gaining knowledge

Hi All,
Season's greetings.
Thanks to everyone who has replied to my posts over the previous months. Our itinerary is set now and we are up to the fine tuning part.
Can you please advise of a particular website that is helpful with local information for the Yacatan and also Mexico City please. I may have already seen them ( I have looked at many) but I am just hoping to load a couple into my tablet for the trip as a back up.
I already have the Lonely planet( Of course!) and map chick has given…