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Central North Mexico


This region of Mexico was the subject of many fierce battles during the Revolution, giving rise to Pancho Villa’s División del Norte, and it will quickly become clear that Villa remains a revered hero in these parts.

You’ll also encounter lingering evidence of the region’s early wealth and importance to the power centers further south, whether it be the colonial towns of Chihuahua and Durango, the centuries-old mines around Hidalgo del Parral and Torreón or even the old railway station in Nuevo Casas Grandes. More recently the area was a Hollywood hot-spot, its still-pristine vistas making great backdrops for countless classic Westerns.

But the most interesting central north history harks back much further. The ruined city of Paquimé and ancient cliff dwellings like Cueva Grande and Cuarenta Casas are clear reminders that there were flourishing settlements of highly sophisticated peoples living here long before the Spanish arrived.