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Getting around

The bus station is a half-hour east of town along Av Pacheco. To get there, catch a ‘Circunvalación 2 Sur’ or ‘Aeropuerto’ (which does not go to the airport – no public bus does) bus (M$4.50) on Carranza across the street from Plaza Hidalgo. From the bus stop in front of the station, the ‘Aeropuerto’ bus goes back to the center.

For the train station, take any bus headed down Ocampo or a ‘Cerro de la Cruz’ bus on Carranza by Plaza Hidalgo and get off at Iglesia Sagrado Corazón. It’s a short walk past the medieval-looking prison. Heading toward the center, catch a ‘Circunvalación 2 Sur’ bus north on 20 de Noviembre to Plaza Hidalgo.

Taxis charge standard rates from the center to the train station (M$35), bus station (M$60) and airport (M$100). Expect to pay more going from the train station.