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Health & safety

Dangers & annoyances

Mauritius is an exceptionally safe country to travel in. Your biggest annoyances are likely to be environmental (mosquitoes in some places, sun burn and the occasional upset stomach), although there are some other things to bear in mind.

Taxi drivers in Mauritius can earn up to 30% commission from certain shops, hotels, restaurants and other businesses to which they take clients. Keep this in mind if a taxi driver tells you that the place you want to go to is full or closed or more expensive than one he knows. Insist first on going to your chosen destination.

Lying under a coconut palm may seem like a tropical idyll, but there have been some tragic accidents. Take care when walking under coconut trees and don’t lie (or park your car) beneath them.

The Indian Ocean is a warm tropical ocean, so there are several aquatic nasties to watch out for. Fortunately, few travellers encounter anything more serious than the odd coral cut.

All beaches below the high-tide line are public property, so you are entitled to plop your towel down on the sand, whatever some over-officious security guard might tell you.