Kota Mahsuri

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Kota Mahsuri information

Pulau Langkawi , Malaysia
Kampung Mawat
+60 4 955 6055
adult/child RM15/5
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The story of Mahsuri, a Malay princess who was unjustly accused of adultery and put a curse on Langkawi in revenge, is commemorated at this historical complex that includes Mahsuri’s shrine as well as a recreation of a traditional house, a theatre, a ‘diorama museum’ and some simple food outlets. The site is west of Kuah, a few kilometres off the road to the airport.

As the legend goes, Mahsuri’s punishment was to be executed by stabbing. With her dying breath she cursed Langkawi with seven generations of bad luck. This took place in around 1819. Not long after, the Siamese invaded the island, and some 160 years later, in 1987 (that’s about seven generations), Langkawi took off as a tourism destination.