Cheng Ho Cultural Museum

Cheng Ho Cultural Museum information

Melaka , Malaysia
51 Lg Hang Jebat
+60 6 283 1135
adult/child RM20/RM10
Opening hours
9am-6pm Mon-Thu & 9am-7pm Fri-Sun
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A lengthy paean to Ming Admiral Cheng Ho (Zhenghe), this extensive museum charts the tremendous voyages of the intrepid eunuch Muslim Chinese seafarer. As a favourite servant of the Chinese emperor’s fourth son, Prince Zhu Di, Cheng Ho later became an army officer and ultimately the admiral of China’s ‘Treasure Fleet’, a convoy that solidified China’s control over most of Asia during the 15th century. It’s a great stop for history buffs, although there’s too much information here for anyone expecting a casual visit. The ticket price includes a 15-minute film presentation on Cheng Ho.