Wat Buppharam

sights / Religious

Wat Buppharam information

Georgetown , Malaysia
8 Perak Rd
+60 4 227 7430
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Is there a question in your life that needs answering? Head to Wat Buppharam , a 1942 Buddhist temple bursting with cartoonlike sculptures of Thai, Taoist and Hindu religious figures. The ornate Thai entrance archway is the largest in the state. The wat is home to the 'Lifting Buddha,' a 100-year-old, gold-leaf encrusted Buddha statue about the size of a well-fed house cat.

As a seeker, kneel in front of the statue, pay respects to the figure with a clear mind and then ask, in your mind, the yes or no question you wish to have answered; ask also that you wish for the figure to become light for an affirmative answer. Try to lift the statue. To verify the answer, ask your question again, only this time ask that the statue become heavy. Lift again. We tried this and got a very firm 'no' answer while a friend received a 'yes'. Months down the line it ended up that the statue was right in both cases. When the statue is heavy it won't budge and when it's light it lifts off the platform like a butterfly. You can decide for yourself if there's something cosmic going on.