Tua Pek Kong

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Georgetown , Malaysia
Lebuh Armenian
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The name is ostensibly Tua Pek Kong , but this recently renovated structure, resplendent in red and gold and with polished black columns, has quite a few more aliases: Hock Teik Cheng Sin, Poh Hock Seah, Hokkien Kongsi and Tong Kheng Seah, among others. What’s with all the names? Well, besides serving as a temple and assembly hall, this building has also been the registered headquarters of several secret societies (Aside: secret societies register their headquarters? Really? With who?). Each society occupied a different portion of the temple, which became a focal point during the 1867 riots/war between societies. The fighting got so intense a secret passage was built between here and Khoo Kongsi for the purpose of a quick escape. While you search for the corridor, be sure to admire the gilded filigree and lacquered roof beams that give this once underground HQ such an imperial Chinese vibe.