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Introducing Pahang

Pahang, Peninsular Malaysia’s largest state, is home to some of the county’s most accessible outdoor action. It holds the region’s grandest jungles and is bordered by 209km of surfable sandy beaches and the near-perfect tropical island of Tioman. A three hour drive from Kuala Lumpur brings you to the primordial national park of Taman Negara, with elusive elephants and tigers within its tracts of virgin jungle. If you’re coming from Singapore, the green peaks and blue waters of Pulau Tioman are only four hours away. Those heading down the east coast from Terengganu shouldn’t miss a stop at the super-laid-back surf-bum and artist haven of Cherating.

In between these tourism starlets you’ll find off-the-beaten-path gems offering pristine jungles, wildlife and flora, Malaysian culture, colonial architecture and, of course, culinary delights, many as yet undiscovered by the tourist hordes.